Frigate sinks off Norwegian coast

Photo: EPA

Frigate of naval forces of Norway, Helge Ingstad, November 8, faced with the Greek oil tanker TS Sola in the port area of Bergen, went off the transponder, according to public broadcaster NRK.

Thus, the command of the tanker, carrying 625 thousand tonnes of oil, could not in advance determine the location of the military vehicle with identification system AIS vessels.

The representative of the Navy rear Admiral Nils Andreas Tenseness confirmed this information. According to him, the captains of military ships are not required to include AIS, if you think that there is no threat to security.

The command of the Norwegian fleet at a press conference evaded the question about the causes of the accident, informs NRK.

The Navy has assured that doing everything for the sake of the expensive vehicle. Emergency crews are trying to patch up the two holes above and below the waterline, which Helge Ingstad drowning in shallow water with a roll. According to head of the communications Department of the Norwegian Navy Tornillo Gerland, the critical moment will come in the night of 9 November, when the tide comes in.

Helge Ingstad is one of the five Norwegian frigates. His task, in the event of hostilities, to accompany the transports, reflecting the attacks of submarines and aircraft of the enemy.

On the morning of 8 November, returning to port after the NATO exercise Trident Juncture, a frigate collided with a tanker. Eight soldiers were injured. The team was evacuated from the distressed ship.