“Daddy Olga trolls” uncovered a scheme of a DDOS attack against unwanted media

Andrey Mikhailov told the “Novaya Gazeta” about his collaboration with Yevgeny Prigozhin

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The journalist “the New newspaper” Denis Korotkov, the author of the materials on the activities of businessman Eugene Prigogine, published an interview with a man who says he has long cooperated with Prigogine, participated in provocations against unwanted bloggers and the media — including DDoS attacks on websites and organized the so-called “Troll factory” in Holguin.

Andrey Mikhailov. Photo: Denis Korotkov, “Novaya Gazeta”

Andrey Mikhailov, whose specialization in “Novaya Gazeta” describes as “the master of black PR”, according to him, met people Prigogine in 2012 and began to execute their orders.

Mikhailov described the mechanisms of provocation against mass media, he argues that the unprecedented DDoS attack on sites of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, “Fontanka”, “echo of Moscow”, “Novaya Gazeta”, “Rain” and “Forbes” may 9, 2013 were ordered “one of our — Kirill Fulda”.

Maxim Bolonkin who posted a video message on the network on behalf of the “Network hamsters”, “found through some acquaintances, through second or third hand, and hired for little money,” says Mikhailov. This appeal, he argues, was recorded in the office of the “Newspaper of Newspapers”, which was the project “prigoginei”, DDoS cost to customers in the 5-7 million rubles.

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“Attack on the Russian media may 9: who is this “activist hamsters”?”


Andrey Mikhailov revealed the mechanisms of “factory Olga trolls” – “Novaya Gazeta” reported in its possession provided Mikhailov documents confirming this information, down to receipts for money.

The source also provided a “New” video with a provocation against the RIA “Novosti” in the period when the Agency was headed by Svetlana Mironyuk.

The author has explained the consent Mikhailov in an interview that in 2013 he was removed from office due to differences in budget shares, and last year he was taken to a forest, beat and demanded money and a stake in the business. “Practice shows that to sit quietly under a snag — the worst protection,” – said Mikhailov.

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