This year 63-th Eurovision song contest will be held in Lisbon from 8 to 12 may

Alexander Yaremchuk

This weekend took place the second semi-final of the national selection for the Eurovision song contest in 2018. As in the first, it was attended by nine contestants: INGRET (with the song Save my planet), MELOVIN (Under The Ladder), JULINOZA (Hto ya?), TAYANNA (“Lola”), KADNAY (Beat Of The Universe), Yurcash (Stop killing Love), Mountain Breeze (I See You), ILLARIA (“Force”) and the DILEMMA with the song “On path”. By results of voting of jury and spectators in the finals MELOVIN, TAYANNA and KADNAY (these performers were in the lead in various polls). We recall that the winners were selected by the jury (Jamal, Andrei Danilko and soloist of The Maneken Eugene Filatov) and the audience, and the national selection live show STB and NTU.

From the horse’s MOUTH. Behind the scenes, the singer MELOVIN (stage name of 20-year-old Bones Bocharova, the winner of the show “X-factor-6”) were asked to refer to him only as Mel. “I began studying perfumery, want to release its flavor. I also continue study at the Institute. Glier”, — told the “Today” singer with blue lens in one eye, which in a hall was supported by an army of fans. Singer TAYANNA, Muse Alan Badoev appeared in the press area in the company of two backing vocalists from Africa. “Our song “Lola” in the style of neo-retro, danced in 60 years, which is why to me such a vibrant team on the scene” — told us the singer. The guys in the band KADNAY in life were very open singer Phil Kolyadenko even admitted that for many years every day reads the newspaper “Today”. “Our room put my mother, Elena Kolyadenko, and the song we wrote for two hours,” — said Kolyadenko, Jr., and Dima Kadnai admitted that under her skirt, which he decided to surprise the audience, he was still shorts.

LONELY AND BELIEVERS. The band Mountain Breeze told us that they are wards of producer Yuri Nikitin (he works with Andrei Danilko) and that they have already signed a contract for five years. And yet, to the delight of all the fans, admitted that their hearts are free and they are waiting for letters from girls. But the star of the ‘ 90s Yurko Yurchenko explained why he decided to go on stage in the image of Jesus Christ: “do Not consider our room a blasphemy. On the contrary: their views, I want to remind you that God sees everything, and that people sin less”.