February 21 – premiere of the third season “From Tomboy to lady”

Olga Freimut

Famous TV presenter, and recently also the Director of the school of pananos in reality “From Tomboy to lady” Olga freimuth told the “Today” of the return on a New channel.

“So it would be easier for everyone. But I used to have a career. Trend based test us in the “inspector”, has undergone globalization. Now the program of control of quality of service and food — thanks (literally — “to be obliged”) of all channels. Ukraine is good. The title of “Chief Auditor of the country” belongs to me, it’s time to ask a new television destinations, which again would want to play other”, – says the leading.

Freimut told about the reaction of the participants on their appearance: “I was waiting for their reactions, but the girls behaved unexpectedly: the majority of them happy. And since then, has really become different from the previous seasons. One Tomboy, swaying from the alcohol, asked how I got in this chair? Most sobered by my appearance, so it was unexpected. I knew that they would not allow themselves too much in my presence because even from the “Inspector” able at a glance to make people become obedient. The trust between me and the students got the right because I gave them to understand in my life seen a lot, know what poverty and finding yourself. And girls realize that I’m not just the Director, an older friend, which was life lessons and wants to share them. With some barankami still keep in touch, even invite them on family holidays.”