Saudi Arabia first went to meet the Turks in the investigation of the disappearance of Jamal Kosugi

Journalist Jamal Kosugi sharply criticized the government of Saudi Arabia, according to Turkish media, was under permanent control of the security services, and two weeks ago he disappeared.

The man came to the Consulate in Istanbul to get the divorce papers from his wife, and more after this visit no one saw.

In Turkey claim that Jamal was killed at the Embassy of Saudi agents.

“I’m just shocked by what happened. When was the last time spoke with him, he said he had to go to the Consulate to pick up documents. Which is weird because a few days before it there has caused. Probably setting a trap” – says a friend of the abducted journalist, Azzam Tamimi.

Saudi Arabia denies all charges in the murder, saying that the journalist left the building through the back door, why not hit the lens of cameras. However, to explain why his bride had to wait in the car, I couldn’t.

“Saudi Arabia still has not given a clear answer to our questions. And, on the contrary, avoid them. There is no evidence that the reporter still left the Consulate,” – said the representative of the Council on American-Islamic relations Nihad Awad.


  • Saudi journalist has recorded his own murder on the Apple Watch

The scandal has already intervened, the United States, as Jamal Kosugi for a long time worked in America, led the column in the Washington Post.

“What happened at the Consulate is an attack on the sovereignty of the state. They just turned a diplomatic mission to the scene of the massacre,” says the Congressman from Virginia Gerry Connolly.

British broadcaster BBC has learned that the Turkish authorities have video and audiocasettes murder of a journalist. In addition, the published images in which the staff of Saudi intelligence arrive in Istanbul.

“We have not received any offers on cooperation. Investigators can’t without the permission of Saudi Arabia even enter the Consulate. They’re stalling,” said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu.

However, this weekend, under pressure from the US and the European Union, Riyadh agreed to a joint investigation. Agreed to establish a joint Turkish-Saudi expert panel. In the meantime, will continue searching, the journalist is officially missing.

Recall that the US threatened Saudi Arabia with sanctions, if confirmed information about the murder of journalist Jamal Hackage.

We also wrote that, Hatice Cengiz, the bride disappeared journalist, received from Donald trump’s invitation to visit the White house.

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