The list of banned medical equipment I want to add defibrillators and ventilators

To prohibit the medical equipment manufactured in the West wants the Russian government. So, they say, are there to support local producers, and to respond to the sanctions imposed over the annexation of Crimea and the Kremlin’s aggression in the Donbas. The initiative of the government of Russia is still under discussion, but doctors are already sounding the alarm – will suffer first of all the Russians themselves.

Anna Stupak 11 years old suffers from bronchial asthma. The night before, the girl once again with the attack got to the hospital. Drip, inhalation therapy, magnetic therapy, almost all the procedures on imported medical equipment, says Anna. Inhaler from Germany.

At – risk patients and intensive care. That to life there, return with the help of a ventilator. Also imported. And the Ministers and his offer to replace the Russian. Doctors against, say, the domestic medical equipment is outdated.

And not all imported to replace will succeed. For example, children’s ventilators do not produce in Russia. And they need tens of thousands of young patients.

“From the operation of these devices depends on the life of such patients. Without them they unfortunately either die or are forced is always in the intensive care unit of the lungs”, – said Vasily Stobnicki, doctor-pulmonologist.

From imported equipment, the Russians partially refused. In 2015, responding to Western sanctions. In the taboo list has made 46-th positions. The doctors, who asked not to do so, officials have not considered.

“You can do anything to ban cheese, sausage. But not worth the health issues to address for political purposes”, – said Vasily Stobnicki the pulmonologist.

“In General they people do not care – they are people do not depend. In those places where they receive medical services by those who will make this decision now – in those places will remain imported equipment. Here is no doubt a second,” – says Leonid Gozman, a political scientist.

The initiative to extend a ban on imported medical equipment in the government are still discussing. The final decision will be in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, the European Union may impose new sanctions against the Russian Federation in connection with the poisoning of Sergey and Yulia Skrobala in Salisbury and States that use chemical weapons.

We already wrote about that not long ago Theresa may has expressed its intention to toughen sanctions against Russia in light of new evidence of Moscow’s involvement in the assassination Skrobala. At the same time, the Russian Prosecutor General’s office demanded its evidence base, discovered by British investigators.

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