According to the interior Ministry, security forces 11 Aug detained more than 1 thousand people

Photo: EPA

Radio Svaboda has been informed about the death of 25-year-old Alexander Tuft at the hospital of Gomel, where he brought in the paddy wagon. Tuft was detained on Sunday, August 9.

According to media reports, in Gomel detainees are not enough places in prison, the car with the detainees stand for hours in the sun in long queues.

“Sasha was in one of the paddy wagons… He did not participate in the action. Went on Sunday to the girl. He was caught somewhere in the center, I moved to another car. He texted me that he got caught… And all. I was looking for it all these days. Information about it did not give me. Today, I finally said Sasha in the morgue” – quoted by radio Svaboda, the mother of Alexander the Tuft.

Alexander, according to his mother, had heart problems. He became ill when he was in a closed car in the queue at the jail.

“He screamed for help… And the convoy found it inadequate. He was taken to a psychiatric hospital. There is an experienced doctor realized that the problem is not in the psyche… He called an ambulance and took him to the nearest hospital – tuberculosis, next to the psychiatry… There Sasha was trying to save, but not saved,” she said.

At the moment, son in the morgue she couldn’t see.

“I refused to show it. That he was severely beaten. I ask the people who were with him in the paddy wagon: let him say the truth! What happened to Sasha? I just want people to know that this heinous government killed my son,” said the mother Vortex.

The press service of the interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee of Belarus has not commented on the information about the death of Alexander the Tuft.

Protests in Belarus. Online report

From the 4th to the 8th of August took place in Belarus early voting for presidential elections and the August 9th primary. For President ran five candidates. According to preliminary data of the CEC, most of the votes won by the incumbent President Lukashenko (80,2%), second place went to opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovski of 9.9%. The other candidates received less than 2%. The CEC plans to announce final election results on August 14.

After the polls closed in several cities of Belarus the protests began, the most massive in Minsk. To disperse protesters in the centre of the capital, security forces used stun grenades, rubber bullets and water cannons.

The exact number of victims is not known; according to official data, during clashes injured several hundred people. On August 10 in Minsk killed one of the activists.

The interior Ministry of Belarus said that during the protests on August 9 was arrested 3 thousand people, August 10 – 2 thousand 11 August, the number of detainees has exceeded 1 thousand he is charged with riots, disorderly conduct and resisting police.