Photo: Tribuna a Banner in support of Derek Shovina

Fans of which team hung a banner in support of the police is unknown, but it is next to another banner in support of Minaya.

During the semifinal match of the Cup of Ukraine Meany – Dinamo fans displayed a banner in support of American police Derek Shovina. It is reported by Tribuna.

On the banner is written #FreeDerekChauvin. Unknown fans which team hung this banner, but it is next to a banner in support of the team Minaya.

The match Uzhgorod – Dynamo held without spectators. Fans can watch the game behind the fence. The Dynamo their banners they put in another place.

A frame from the broadcast of the match Uzhgorod – Dynamo

Recall that in the USA there was a deadly detention, the officer’s knee pressed the man’s neck.


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