A banner hung on the wall of Lutsk flats a few hours

Photo: volynnews.com

The luck was prepared by the current head of state and presidential candidate of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko banner with the words “You became President in the blood.” This was reported by news Agency “Volynsk news”.

A banner with the text “You became President on the blood of the guys from the 51st Ombr [mechanized brigade]. To hide their crimes, your generals have destroyed it. Volyn does not forgive such” posted the evening of March 13 on the wall of the 16-storey building in the centre of the city, the source said.

After a few hours the circulation is cut off, damaging the canvas to the banner it was impossible to hang again.

The climber, who with a companion was made, could not explain motives of the act.

First, he said that he was asked by strangers, and then said that he saw the photo on the website “Wolinski Novin” and they did it because of their citizenship, says the Agency.

Witnesses told reporters that not on camera, he admitted that to remove the banner, he was forced by the security forces.

The man was taken to the police station. I worked at a place is investigative-task force.

According to “Wolinski Novin”, Poroshenko had to come to the regional center of Volyn region to 10.00 on March 14, but has not appeared on the stage of the Theatre square of Lutsk.

The day he visited another town of Volyn Kovel, the Agency said.

The press service of the 14th Ombre, the successor of the 51st Ombre, expressed in a Facebook outrage “attempts to drag the names of the dead in dirty politicking.”

“The incident with the banner – this is another attempt dishonest and corrupt politicians to bring down the sight of the Ukrainian soldiers and society, to substitute the priorities and understanding who is the real enemy of Ukraine”, – stated in the brigade.

Ми, бійці та ветерани 14-ї омбр, що є правонаступницею 51-ї бригади, з місцем дислокації у Володимирі-Волинському,…

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51 brigade suffered heavy losses during the withdrawal from under Ilovaisk, and then was disbanded.

In July 2014, the Minister of defense of Ukraine Valerii heletei confirmed that 40 soldiers of the 51st separate mechanized brigade of the Armed forces fled to Russia, began an internal investigation.

The military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine in relation to brigade investigating criminal and war crimes, including those associated with evasion of service. Treason fighters was not charged.

In may 2018 military prosecutors closed the criminal proceedings against the 51st Ombr, reported the press service of the Ministry.