Photo: Prince Harry can not find a occupation in a foreign land

The Dukes of Sussex, contrary to their expectations, now is not the best of times. Not only that, the pair have not yet started to earn, so also Harry has exacerbated mental problems.

Royal commentator Russell Myers stated that the plans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle collapsed due to a pandemic COVID-19. And the life of the younger grandson of Queen Elizabeth II “turned into a nightmare”, says Radio New Zealand.

Myers argues that the Dukes after the scandalous refusal to perform Royal duties, he left the UK with ambitious plans. They planned to open a charitable Fund to make money speaking in public, Meghan Markle dreamed of returning to the movie.

However, after moving to Los Angeles all their expectations and hopes yet “hung in the air” due to the outbreak of coronavirus infection.

Besides, as stated by Russell Myers, Prince Harry can’t find a decent job in a foreign country.

The journalist claims that the Prince even contacted friends of the British Royal Navy and asked them to leave him the ceremonial head of the organization, although it had planned to abandon all titles.

According to Myers, the Prince will have to live with the family.

Also in the couple’s tight finances, says Royal commentator. Yet a few sponsors Prince Charles, but this can’t go on and they have to make their own.

Yet they live in a luxurious estate of over £ 20 million and is rumored to spend every day for the protection of seven thousand pounds.

Russell Myers claims that Prince Harry now suffers, and it, allegedly, exacerbated mental problems.

As for his wife Megan, she is waiting for the lifting of the quarantine to begin to go out without any restrictions, which was imposed in the Royal family in Britain.

As previously reported, Meghan Markle once again gathered under the crown.

Also wrote that Meghan Markle saved on gift Prince Harry on their anniversary.

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