Russia will not return in the near future Ukrainian military Eugene Dobrinsky, which is near the administrative border of the occupied Crimea were kidnapped by FSB.

About it in the comments to “Gordon” told the Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov. In his opinion, Russia will use Ukrainian for blackmail.

“In Russia the decision is made not based on legal facts and political. The Russian authorities consider Crimea as a testing ground to replenish the exchange Fund, the formation of a list of persons whom you can later transfer to Ukraine on certain conditions. And here the Kremlin will be based solely on their interests,” – said the lawyer.

FSB kidnapped Ukrainian military Eugene Dobrinsky

Polozov added that Moscow may use Ukrainian hostages for blackmail. Dobrinskiy can also enter the list for the exchange of prisoners.

“But the question remains: what return would require Moscow? You need to understand that the Kremlin has a number of topical issues in the Crimea, including water supply. In connection with the catastrophic situation with water supplies because of the drought, the reservoir is filled there is a maximum of one-third. If the summer will be hot, the issue could become acute, and I do not exclude that the Kremlin can link the issue of release of detained persons with the solution to their political and economic issues. Then dobrinskiy could become another hostage, a tool that the Russian government used to blackmail Ukraine”, – he explained.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

  • In the area of the Peninsula Chongar checkpoint on the administrative border with the occupied Crimea kidnapped Ukrainian military. It happened on the morning of 30 may, directly in the line fighter service at the observation post.

  • They were senior soldiers of the 13th battalion of the 95th air assault brigade Eugene dobrinskiy.

  • Colleagues of the Ukrainian soldier sure he could not himself go to the enemy side.

  • Dobrinskiy after his disappearance on the morning of 30 may was contacted and told the sister that he was taken to the occupied Crimea.

  • 2 June, the Russian border guards accused the kidnapped warrior of the Mat in crossing the border illegally.

  • On the same day, the FSB released a video of the kidnapping on the border with the occupied Crimea and interrogation of Ukrainian soldier.

  • The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine has expressed concern about the detention of Ukrainian soldier Russian security services on the border with occupied Crimea.

  • In Crimea, arrested the Ukrainian soldier, abducted by the FSB.

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