Kostin of sanctions: It is very sad

Photo: EPA

The head of Board of Russian Bank VTB, Andrey Kostin, who fell under new US sanctions, said that Moscow is not necessary once again to meet the Washington. This financier said on 6 April, the TV channel CNN.

“I do not see sanctions as personal, because I haven’t done anything bad to America, American interests, I always tried to promote good business relationships with us banks and investors,” he said.

According to Kostin, he was “punished” because the us administration considers the policy of the Russian leadership as wrong.

“It’s very sad. I think we need to put an end to it, because the situation goes from bad to very bad. And if not for ourselves then for our children who definitely deserve to live in a better world, a peaceful environment, sooner or later we should stop,” – said the banker.

Kostin expressed hope that the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump sit down at the negotiating table and find a common language on major problems of global scale.

On 6 April the US imposed sanctions on 24 Russian businessmen and government officials, as well as a number of companies. The American Ministry of Finance explained that such measures have been taken pursuant to the law “On combating the enemies of America by sanctions” (CAATSA), which in August 2017 approved trump.

According to the law CAATSA, the U.S. Treasury, in cooperation with the State Department in January 2018, provided Congress the “Kremlin report” – a list of the 114 senior officials and 96 of oligarchs close to the “Russian regime”. Mentioned assistants and advisers of Putin, all government members, including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the mayors of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Putin then said that Russia will not respond to “unfriendly act”.