The doctor had beaten a second time


Near the diagnostic center in Kiev on 6 April , unknown assailants severely beat George Liska. This is the second attack on a doctor who spoke openly about corruption in medicine. About the incident “observer” said the victim.

At 11:50 Liska went to his work. On the territory of branch №2 of municipal non-profit enterprise “Kyiv diagnostic center” (CDC) Desnyanskiy district he was approached by two young men on view to 25 years.

“They stared at me and when he caught up, one of them threatened to hit me in the head, but I reacted in time and the blow fell on his cheek. As a result, I got cut. Then these two, a typical sight “aunts” began to beat me, one of them said, “if you don’t shut up, we will kill you”, – the victim told the doctor.

The man was beaten a few minutes later, he was diagnosed with a broken nose, closed cherepno-a brain trauma, concussion of a brain and dissection of the soft tissues. Perhaps medic was beaten more, if not two passers-by, young boys. The boys chased the attackers and caught up with them, but the thugs used pepper spray, then fled.

After the incident, Liska called an ambulance and the police. The ambulance arrived in five minutes, but the police, according to him, had to wait more than an hour.


“At 11:54 I called 102 and reported that I was beaten and threatened to kill him, but the police did not come. Somewhere in the 12:40 I called again and only after that the police arrived. On the clock by the time was 13:07”, – said Yuri Liska.