The Buran had a nervous breakdown

Screenshot: TSN / YouTube

29 March 2016 Buran opened fire on employees of the National anti-corruption Bureau, catch him in a bribe of 500 thousand UAH, then fled. According to the investigation, the judge demanded through the intermediary of the participant for the “right” judgment in a civil case to recover the debt.

The head of the judicial Council Valentyn Symonenko said that the Buran was trying to commit suicide, and before that, he brought the methods and actions of NABOO. The judge suicide attempt denied.

March 31, 2016 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine gave the consent to the arrest and capture of the judge into custody.

1 APR Burana arrested without the right of bail. Measure several times extended.

6 February 2018, the suspect was released under house arrest.


Video: TSN / YouTube