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The rating of mobile devices amounted to the developers.

Experts have made a rating of the low-cost mobile devices that offer high performance despite its relatively low cost. The list was compiled by the developers of the benchmark AnTuTu, writes

In the first place was the Oppo Reno3 5G, which received more than 405 thousand points. A distinctive feature of the mobile device is functioning on the basis of processor MediaTek Dimensity 1000L.

On the second line is 30S Honor with Kirin SoC chipset 820.

Three of the most powerful budget smartphones closes Vivo S6 5G running on the Exynos processor 980.

Fourth place went to smartphone Redmi K30 5G, and 5G fifth Vivo X30 chipset Exynos 980.

Also in the top 10 most productive mobile devices are low cost, were the following models: Z6 Vivo, OPPO Reno 3 Pro, Honor Pro 9X, Nova Huawei Honor 6 SE and Play 4T Pro.

Experts note that the rating included a lot of mobile devices that support 5G network. Experts believe that this trend will develop further.