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It will help in the creation of supercomputers.

Scientists from Aalto University in Finland for the first time were able to create and form the so-called 2D material thickness of only 1 atom, the site says

In nature, these materials do not occur, and the most famous of artificial 2D material is graphene, consisting of carbon atoms. Finnish researchers worked with molybdenum sulfide, from it they managed to create a material with an area of 1 square centimeter.

2Dматериалы of this size can already be used in production. For example, in the chips they will greatly increase productivity through ultra-high conductivity. Such circuits can become the basis for quantum computers. And in the optical fiber 2D materials can significantly increase the speed of data transmission.

The unusual properties of 2D materials — for example, superconductivity and optical conductivity occur if we impose a single layer of material to another at a certain angle. This has been accomplished by the researchers from Aalto University. Previously, scientists have managed to create such materials only a very small area — much smaller than the thickness of a human hair.

Researchers believe that although industrial application material must undergo extensive testing, their discovery has the potential to change the electronics.