The EU continues to help Greece

Money from the European stability mechanism is intended for repayment of debts of Greece payments.

European creditors have agreed on the next financial tranche to Greece. Thursday, June 14, the European stability mechanism (EMS) approved the transfer to Greece of a loan in the amount of 1 billion euros. The money is earmarked for repayment of debts on payments.

Earlier, the Greek Parliament agreed to a further conversion, reforming land tax and privatization in the energy sector.

After completion of payments under the third package of financial aid lenders agreed to provide Greece with extra money to re-open the country full access to financial markets. Athens will be able to use that money longer than other crisis States.

In the past few years, Greece has been allocated loans of 260 billion euros. Term aid program expires this summer. But in Athens intend to continue to obtain debt financing, albeit in abbreviated form .

Source: Russian service of Deutsche Welle

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