Slava Rabinovich: money out of the pockets of slaves, idiots, suckers and terpenes will be in the pockets of Putin and members of his gang

Photo: Slava Rabinovich / Facebook

The retirement age for Russians not raise the government Dmitry Medvedev and the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This opinion Facebook expressed by the Russian financier and blogger Slava Rabinovich.

“Putin’s government (Yes, that Putin, not Medvedev) raises the retirement age for women for eight years, to 63, and in men five years to 65. And it is, Putin’s government raises the VAT rate from 18% to 20%. All the money was taken from the pockets of slaves, idiots, suckers and suffers and end up in the pockets of Putin and members of his gang. Because the Russian slaves, idiots, suckers and victims, who are they? New oil,” – said the financier.

Rabinovich called the events “the great plundering Russia” and “the last hapki” under the approval of the citizens of the Russian Federation.

Правительство Путина (да-да, именно Путина, а не Медведева) поднимает пенсионный возраст у женщин на восемь лет, до 63,…

Posted by Slava Rabinovich on Thursday, June 14, 2018

Age of retirement in Russia has changed since Soviet times and is for men 60 years for women 55.

From 1 January 2019, the Russian government plans to raise the retirement age to 63 years for women and 65 years for men and to introduce a transitional period for the increase until 2028 for men and 2034 for women.

According to the Global retirement index, as of 2017, the Russian Federation was one of the worst countries in the world for seniors.