Photo: Dnipropetrovsk oblast state administration Rules for the construction of solar power plants are going to change

In the framework of anti-crisis measures planned to reduce the “green tariff”, and to change the terms of the construction of new solar and wind power plants.

The Department of energy and environmental protection in the framework of anti-crisis measures intended to change the rules of so-called “green energy”. This was during the first meeting of the anti-Crisis energy headquarters, said acting Minister of energy Olga Bukovec, the press service of the Ministry.

According to her, a difficult situation in the energy sector has arisen due to two systemic problems: physical and financial imbalances in the energy system. They were caused, in particular, electricity imports from Belarus and Russia, reduction of electricity consumption during a warm winter and quarantined, and increases in generation from RES.

As a result, government and private enterprises from all spheres of energy generation has received a significant amount of money has accumulated billions in debts.

So, debts of SOEs Guaranteed buyer before the enterprises of renewable energy amount to 7.5 billion hryvnia, NNEGC Energoatom – 4 billion. Ukrenergo owed a Guaranteed buyer and NPP 11.1 billion hryvnia, and consumers and electropositivity Ukrenergo – 5,3 billion UAH.

To remedy the situation, Minamaneho approved a new Forecast energy balance and plans to change the rules of activities of “green” energy: to conclude a Memorandum with investors to reduce the “green tariff”, to stop the construction of new solar and wind power plants on the system of “green” tariff and go to a competitive support system (auctions).

Note, a new energy balance includes the decrease in the production at all power plants of Ukraine, except for combined heat and power and renewable sources of energy.


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