Ajax, the leader in the standings, will not be declared the champion.

The football Union of the Netherlands has decided to end the championship ahead of schedule. This was reported on the official website of Eredivisie.

The reason for the completion of the championship was the ban for the football matches before September 1 due to pandemic coronavirus. Ajax is leading in the League standings, but will not be declared the champion. In addition, there will be relegated teams.

“Professional football, the Board, after consultation with clubs, players and coaches, and with the approval of the Supervisory Board took the decision to stop the season-2019/20 and to allow the distribution of seats in the European club tournaments based on the current League tables. This is consistent with the recommendations of UEFA. With regard to increases and decreases in the clubs in the leagues, it was decided not to make any changes”, – stated in the message.

Note that since 1945 Eredivise first will not be the champion.

Earlier, the President of the UAF stated that the championship and the Ukrainian Cup season-2019/20 will be finished.

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