Photo: PZC Alpaca help people to survive the quarantine

Some retirees go out on the street to interact with the animals personally, others look through the window, but everybody is happy, including the animals abyudaya flower beds.

Six Alpaca visit elderly people in nursing homes in the Dutch city of Middelburg. It is reported by the local newspaper PZC.

The Alpaca, whose name is alpha, Hell, Aafje, rent, amber and Bonn are glad to have the walks and meetings of not less than themselves residents of nursing homes, as used to communicate with people during walks on the beach and picnics and holidays. They all work in the company of Alpacas Zeelandia, which is engaged in organization of leisure for residents of the Netherlands.

Now, because of quarantine activities are conducted, and the company’s management decided that the animals still need to communicate and to keep in shape. So they decided to visit a nursing home.

Seis alpacas se pasean por residencias de personas mayores que están en cuarentena, en la ciudad holandesa de Middelburg.

— David Morales Urbaneja (@davidovich_9) April 23, 2020

In plans of the company that owns alpacas, to visit all nursing homes in Middelburg. Alpacas Zeelandia stress that all visits are free.

Earlier it was reported that a little girl from Zimbabwe became friends with a pack of hyenas living in the reserve.

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