Photo: still from video Dog accidentally shot the owner in the hunt

The dog accidentally pulled the trigger of the gun, which was lying on the backseat of the car. After the incident, the dog was sent to an orphanage.

In the American County of Doña Ana, state of new Mexico, dog shot its owner with a gun. This was reported by KRQE.

Along with three dogs, Charlie, a Cowboy and Scooby 74-year-old Sonny Gilligan went hunting. Dogs placed in the back seat of the truck, where the man put his gun down.

Charlie the dog accidentally pulled the trigger and shot the owner in the back. The bullet went through the seat and injured a man. He was lucky to call rescuers, who sent the injured hunter to the hospital.

After the incident, the dogs were taken to the shelter, but even in critical condition Gilligan told his son to take animals home. Hunter says that it doesn’t hold a grudge against the dog, and his son mark emphasizes that the man loves and spoils the dogs.

On the eve of the Italian mafia put a bounty on a police dog. A service dog was able to find more than two tons of drugs, because of what the mafia lost a few million euros.
Also, the Reporter was informed that in Russia the pensioner 18 days survived in the forest with a bull Terrier.

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