Black Friday (Black Friday in English) is traditionally the busiest and craziest day of the year for retailers. According to some people, in total, spend between $50 and $60 billion in purchases.

By the way, electronics is the most popular category of products is 59% of buyers in this day acquire smartphone or tablet.

The latest trends demonstrate that black Friday is becoming “black November,” because many retailers prepare communications in advance and extend it to the end of the month. So, for example, in Ukraine GK Allapoderus in advance. Simply visit the link, register first to get to know what goods will be the maximum discount, wait until November 23rd, the start of Black Friday to be the first to buy the long-awaited gift for yourself or a family.

More than 500 products in the categories of smartphones, gadgets, headphones are presented with huge discounts from 20% to 70%.

The tradition of Black Friday has taken root not only in USA but also in Europe and in Ukraine. In the past year, many Ukrainians chose GK Hello because of unprecedented promotions and discounts.

In fact, in the US, Black Friday was named such because it was the day the city was drowning in endless traffic jams.

Not so long ago that day was 50 years old. In 1951, the magazine Factory Management and Maintenance noticed that the Day after thanksgiving, many workers took time off for health reasons and actually take a vacation to take advantage of the discount period and to shop.

At the same time, the police of Philadelphia, began to use the phrase “Black Friday”, shocked by the impossible traffic. Although there is another version. In American accounting losses are marked in red and profits in black.

Black Friday discounts in stores can reach 80-90%. So the Americans are Queuing in advance. Before opening large stores can get together the queue up to 15 thousand people, and individual stores can open as early as 5 am.

Group of companies ALLO — major player of the Ukrainian market of personal electronics, the leader in the smartphone market. The group brings together retail chain ALLO (365 stores), online shop, distribution company tsifrotekh. In its stores, the company officially sells Samsung devices, Xiaomi, Sony, HTC and other international brands.