The foreign Ministry claimed two victims in Genoa Ukrainians

Photo: EPA

The victim as a result of the collapse of a bridge in Genoa Ukrainka broken spine. It is reported by TSN.

Ukrainka and her husband, a citizen of Moldova, are in the hospital “San Martino”.

“We have only one female patient from Ukraine. She has a fractured spine and a broken leg. But her husband is not Ukrainian, and Moldovan. It seems that he lives here in Italy. He has a small injury,” the doctor told Angelo Gratarola.


The bridge in Genoa collapsed on 14 August. At the time of destruction, it was more than 30 machines. In the evening of 15 August, have killed 39 people.

When the bridge collapsed injuring two citizens of Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian Consulate in Milan, they are in the hospital “San martín”. The foreign Ministry of Ukraine noted that Ukrainians as stable.