The court reinstated Bochkovsky as the head of gschs


The state service for emergency situations and Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine appealed the reopening of the Ambassador of the former head of gschs Sergey Bochkovsky. About it reports “Radio Freedom”.

Complaints departments 13 and 14 August registered the cassation administrative court. The date of the meeting has not yet set.

According to the lawyers Bochkov, August 16 it will require to recover it in post.

“Tomorrow at 9.00 he decision of the Kyiv appeal administrative court, which also declared illegal the dismissal of Serhiy Bochkovsky and restored it as the head of DSNS with 25.03.2015 goes to work”, – reads the statement of lawyers, the text of which has “Radio Liberty”.

25 Mar 2015 Bochkov and his Deputy Vasily stoetsky was arrested at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on suspicion of corruption in the procurement of fuel and lubricants. Immediately thereafter they were dismissed by decision of the government.

28 Mar Pechersk court arrested Bochkov and Stoyetsky. Both former officials, the court set bail for the release. On the same day, the investigation brought Bochkov and Starcoma on new charges of extorting money from subordinates. On 1 April, both former officials were released.

2 November 2015, the Ministry of the interior submitted to the court indictment against Bochkov and Stoyetsky.

25 APR 2018 District administrative court of Kiev recognized illegal the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Bochkov resignation from the post of head of gschs and restored him to his office.

27 APR Bochkov came to SES to work, but he was not allowed. In the personnel Department gschs noted that for admission Bochkovsky on workplace need a special order of the government. His lawyer said that the client filed an application to the Cabinet of Ministers.

7 may Bochkov asked the justice Ministry to forcibly reinstated head of the SSES.

On 7 August the Kyiv court of Appeals dismissed the appeal of the government to the lower court decision on the restoration of the official in office. The presiding judge announced that the court of appeal’s decision can be appealed.