From 23 to 26 January in the Slovenian town of Pokljuka will host the 6th stage of the biathlon world Cup.

It will include three disciplines: individual time trial, single-mix (single mixed relay), classic mix (mixed relay) and mass start.

The stadium, which hosts the world Cup, is 20 km from bled. Since the early 1990s, there is a regular race of the world biathlon elite, since 1999, annually.

World Cup biathlon stadium in Pokljuka

Leaders of the Ukrainian team of Vita and Valj Semerenko miss the world Cup in Pokljuka as part of a planned rotation. Their membership is Anastasiya Merkushyna, Nadezhda Belkina and Yulia Zhuravok. Olena Pidhrushna, Julia Jim and Darya Blashko will represent Ukraine at the world Cup in Pokljuka.

In the men’s team included Dmitry Pidruchny, Artem prima, Anton Dudchenko Sergey Semenov, Artem Tishchenko and Bogdan Tsymbal.

The national team of Ukraine on biathlon

Ukrainian biathlon fans can watch the race live. Broadcast organizes the channel “NTU”.

For all the details of the competition in HD can be watched on a digital platform, “UA:Biathlon”. In addition, the Cup championship will be broadcast by “Eurosport 1”, “Belarus 5” and “Match TV”.

23 January, Thursday

15:15. Individual race, men 20 km “NTU”, “Match TV”, “Eurosport 1”, “Belarus 5”

24 January, Friday

15:15. Individual race, women 15 km “NTU”, “Match TV”, “Eurosport 1”, “Belarus 5”

25 January, Saturday

14:16. Single mixed relay “NTU”, “Match TV”, “Eurosport 1”, “Belarus 5”

16:00. Mixed relay “NTU”, “Match TV”, “Eurosport 1”, “Belarus 5”

26 January, Sunday

13:15. Mass start men 15 km “NTU”, “Match TV”, “Eurosport 1”, “Belarus 5”

16:00. Mass start women 12.5 km “NTU”, “Match TV”, “Eurosport 1”, “Belarus 5”

*Kyiv time

Новости5-th stage of the biathlon world Cup results and reports

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, at the 5th stage in the pursuit Vita Semerenko was the only woman among 59 participants, which did not allow a single miss on all four loops.

A day earlier, the reigning world champion in the individual race Dmitry Pidruchny poorly conducted pursuit, made 7 of inaccurate shots and was removed from the race.

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