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He also said, possible nuclear war “by mistake”.

A veteran of the strategic Missile forces (RVSN), a member of the Presidium of “Officers of Russia” Yury Chatin revealed the principles for the use of the nuclear button: no one else has access to the key-code, and the decision on nuclear strike is made by the President of Russia.

He told this in an interview with the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

The head of state gives the order to the commander of the strategic missile forces, and he, in turn, reports it to subordinates. Chmutin stressed that the possibility of accidental launch of missiles there.

“Management system involves a clear, rigorous, centralized implementation of the orders and commands along the chain. Generally speaking, if you fail one stage to another do not jump”, — he said, calling the missiles “collective” weapons.

This clarifies that training launches of missiles can’t cause a nuclear war, since States always warn each other about exercises.

“It is important that the policy has access to “the button”, never forgot about his huge personal responsibility”, — concluded Chmutin.