Horoscope for February 2020 Tarot promises a surprisingly positive period for Aries, active Cancers and romantic Capricorn.

Further OBOZREVATEL invites readers to further study the horoscope for a month for Tarot reading. It is made on the basis of the deck “Universal key” by the Italian artist David Corsi.

The map on the left symbolises the main tonality of the month. The map on the right is the main Board.

Aries – Ten Of Cups – Nine Of Swords

Tarot cards promise a happy February. The joy of communicating with family and friends, health, success in his personal life, promising prospects, the absence of problems, ease of being. Tip: don’t believe night terrors, bad hunches and fears. They have no reason. Your prospects are wonderful! The main thing – to believe in themselves, to help the Sky and not afraid of anything.

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Ten Of Cups – Nine Of Swords

Taurus – ACE Of Swords – The Tower

In February you can expect active actions of the breakthrough, reaching a new level, getting rid of all obstacles by razrubanii “gordievka node”. Your success will depend on intellectual effort and determination. If you want to change the world – you must succeed! Tip: in a period of massive change, try not to destroy the most valuable thing is the basis of your life. Remember about the fragility of relationships, about nepopravimoe some steps. The guiding principle of the medical profession: “do no harm”.

ACE Of Swords – The Tower

Gemini – Three Of Cups – Five Of Cups

In February, Taro promise you the success achieved in harmonious team, win the competition, increasing the credibility, harmonious interaction with loved ones and colleagues, the successful resolution of all conflicts and disputes and a good time. Tip: appreciate what you have (the map man looks at the empty Cup, not noticing full), use the opportunities that you have been given, do not exaggerate the loss, if any, and don’t despair after the first failure. Remember: do not mistake only he who does nothing.

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Three Of Cups – Five Of Cups

Cancer – Page Of Swords – The Devil

In February, the main theme may be the theme of confrontation. You may have to fight for their belief and ideals, and for a place under the sun. Competitors are particularly active and you will have to use all your skills and knowledge to confront them. Tip: don’t be tempted to win by unfair means. you have various options how to get what you want, avoiding direct confrontation. Don’t take it. You can count on the help of Heaven only in the case of fair play.

Page Of Swords – The Devil

Leo – Six Of Wands – The Fool

The forecast for February you have the card of victory and triumph. The winner enters the conquered city, the crowd welcomed him and rejoice. This month you can receive a reward, which was a very long time. Your merits will be obvious and undeniable. This will help you rise in the eyes of others and advance your career. Tip: avoid thoughtless steps. Always “watch your step” – carefully evaluate each step, not look at the world through rose-colored glasses and soberly evaluate the situation. And let the test of fame does not seem too hard for you.

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Six Of Wands – The Fool

Virgo – Hermit – Seven Of Wands

Tarot talking about the fact that in February your work is not so much collective as individual. Possible vacation or trip to a secluded place. Restoration, healing and peace. Training someone experience or spiritual guidance. Tip: even when there is not a single soul or you are surrounded exclusively by friends and associates, should not lose control of the situation. Be on the lookout, to be ready at any moment to repel an attack on your beliefs and your values.

The Hermit – Seven Of Wands

Libra – Three Of Wands – Knight Of Swords

This card speaks of achieving the desired goal, “sbychu dream” about the situation, when a person is in the confusion of miracle that happened in front of him. Tip: when what you’ve been waiting for, will be at arm’s length, not a handsome man in a state of enjoyment and contemplation, go for it! Your mind needs to be sharp, and a cold head. It’s not the best time for the manifestation of emotions and questions about his personal life. The activity first. First thing’s first, and only then – everything else.

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Three Of Wands – Knight Of Swords

Scorpio – Seven Of Cups – Eight Denarii

In February, you may be dazzled from the mass of possibilities, seductive and just beautiful things in the shop Windows. You may seem to get all the desired results can be easily and simply, without any special effort. But the card Council suggests otherwise: only their work, their dedication and hard work you will achieve what you want. Sleeves rolled up, do your thing, and you will be generously rewarded by Heaven and by people.

Seven Of Cups – Eight Denarii

Sagittarius – The Empress – Dozen Denarii

This card promises health, prosperity, generous gifts, and perhaps an addition to the family. Tip: let your family, your loved ones will get the best support. Feel part of a huge family tree, feel the support of all generations of your family – the departed and the living. Organize a family business or become part of the DNA of the company, if any, and you are guaranteed success.

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The Empress – Dozen Denarii

Capricorn – ACE Of Cups – Strength

ACE of Cups – the best map dedicated to romance and love. It symbolizes “the spiritual communion of love” – a very special relationship, blessed by Sky. So, February can pass under the badge of harmonious interaction with the dearest person on earth. Tip: this love is a special gift. Treat him gently, like a precious vessel. Avoid insults, humiliation, accusations against the second half. If you see the need to correct something, use “soft power”.

ACE Of Cups – Strength

Aquarius – Five Denarii – Ten Of Wands

In February, you may need additional earnings, to close the “hole” in the family budget or to save funds for a large purchase. Perhaps for this have to give up small pleasures of life. Tip: despite the desire to quickly solve their financial problems, you should not overwork and rework. Excessive load will only reduce performance and provoke stress. Stay safe, reasonable alternate work and rest, and all questions will be solved successfully.

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Five Denarii A Dozen Rods

Fish – Queen Denarii – The King Of Swords

You have a cash card, symbolizing a woman who knows how to make and build an effective team. Pragmatic business approach to solving any tasks will bear fruit. Tip: your main Advisor should become the mind, not the heart. Try to ignore the emotions, bet analysis and common sense, carefully calculate your every step, and by the end of the month you will be able to come up with a good profit – in the direct or figurative sense.

Queen Denarii – The King Of Swords

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