Photo: Screenshot from video In the Internet appeared the video of the battle of the elephant with the lion

Seventeen-year-old elephant Nablus saved the elephant from the clutches of a hunting lion, who suddenly rushed at him. The incident filmed in the Kenyan Samburu.

Rescue of a baby elephant his mother from the clutches of the hunting lion was caught on video. The movie on Friday, January 26, was published by the Daily Mail.

The incident was filmed in the Kenyan Samburu Briton Matt Brierley, specializing in wildlife photography. The operator captures like a little elephant walking with mother, suddenly jumped by a lion. However, the bull immediately issued a roar, rushed to the predator and drove it away.

According to Brierley, brave elephant’s name is Nablus, she is 17 years old and this is her first cub.

The operator claims it has captured a unique case of lions hunting an elephant on the territory of the Samburu.

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