Google will continue to develop tools against misinformation


Google and Twitter found no evidence of the influence of Russia in regional elections in the USA in 2017. On 25 January, reported Politico.

In company responses to written questions from members of the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate stated that they knew nothing about any state-supported attempts to interfere in the election of governors in the States of new Jersey and Virginia, as well as in other expressions of the will of the national or local level last year.

Google Vice President Kent Walker said that the company will still continue to “develop tools for countering evolving threats.”

According to the General counsel of Twitter Shawn Edgette, the resource has the same plans.

In October 2016 the United States government officially accused Russia of hacking into the servers of American political parties, and meddling in the presidential election process in the country. In the published us intelligence report says that to start a campaign ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Twitter has blocked the account 201 in the investigation of RF interference. Google found that Russia has spent tens of thousands of dollars on misinformation advertising the company’s services, particularly YouTube, Gmail, DoubleClick.