Photo: Getty Images Serena Williams

Mark knight was forced to read unflattering things about themselves on Twitter, and withdrew from the social network.

In the Australian newspaper the Herald Sun published a caricature of Serena Williams after the scandal in the final of the US Open.

Image of Mark knight caused a wave of indignation not only among fans of American girls, but also from public figures. For example, author JK Rowling spotted in the caricature of sexism and racism.

“Well done, that brought one of the greatest athletes of our time to be racist and sexist stereotypes, and the other an outstanding athlete – faceless decor,” Rowling wrote.

Also on contempt American favor and forward Philadelphia Ben Simmons.

The editorial Board tried to defend the artist, but Mark knight is forced to delete Twitter account after dozens of insults and even death threats.

Earlier it was reported that the head of the WTA was supported by Serena Williams after the incident in the final of the US Open.

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