Photo: FFU Alexander Golovko

Youth team of Ukraine defeated the Albanians in the selection for Euro 2019.

Head coach of Ukraine Aleksandr Golovko commented on the victory over Albanians in the selection for the European Championships in 2019 among youth under the age of 21 years.

“I want to congratulate all the fans with a complex victory. Thanks to Kiev for the good support.

During the match I said to Victor Kovalenko, sooner or later Andorra make a mistake, if we continue to play like that.

After the missed penalty the Swede, found the strength to bring the match to victory. This goal worked the whole team.

After a rather easy match against Latvia was very difficult to play. Are unable to psychologically recover. The problem nedostroya not going anywhere, as we have not got players.

During the break against the players used the stick rather than the carrot. Tough enough, in terms of attitude to work, no one is humiliated. It brought success.

The coach after the match apologized for the fact that battered our nerves. Said to destroy the plans of the opponent and not to play their game– their style game. I thanked.

Except us and Dutch Andorra no one else scored more than two goals. A banal phrase that there are no weak teams – real”, – said Golovko, the TV channel Football 1.

Recall that the “blue-yellow” team beat Andorra thanks to a chic long-range shot from Mariana Swede.

To your attention video goals and highlights Ukraine – Andorra.

Previously, Maryan Shved said that the Albanians themselves have not played and not allowed to play Ukraine.

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