Alexandra Nazarova and Maxim Nikitin

Alexandra Nazarova and Maxim Nikitin will perform in any program of the European championship.

Ukrainian dance Duo Alexandra Nazarova / Maxim Nikitin takes the eleventh place after the short program at the European Championships, which takes place in Moscow.

For their short dance skaters got 63.20 points, quite a bit down from its own record (63.86). As usual, they were travelling at a good speed, demonstrating the high technical level of execution of most elements, particularly, interesting, complex support, which the Duo performed clearly and correctly. However, the athletes made some mistakes in the steps, which is reflected in the estimates. For the technique the judges gave the Ukrainians 32.40 points for components 30.80.

“We are pleased, first of all, our program, which we are so comfortable to carry. Previously, we feared the Latin rhythms, but our coaches were able to create a short dance, there is not a single part that if we did not like. We will improve it further,” – said Maxim Nikitin in a short interview after the speech.

The second Ukrainian dance pair Daria Popova / Vladimir Belikov failed to qualify in the voluntary program. Debutants of the European championship, which recently put on “adult” level, with a score of 46.68 took twenty-second place and was eliminated from the competition.

No surprises did not happen in the struggle for leadership in sport dancing on ice. Virtually flawless skating the three-time winners of the French Gabriella Papadakis / Guillaume Cizeron gave them first place with a high enough result – 81.29.

Russian couple Alexandra Stepanova / Ivan Bukin, which the judges gave second place significantly behind the leaders – 75.38. The third position is still hold by the Italians Anna Capellini / Luca Lanotte – 74.76.

Recall that in the finals with 13th place in the short program, came Anna Hrycenko.

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