Shokin: I Got 1 billion in fact. Where he went, I don’t know

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In the author’s program of the founder of the edition “GORDON” Dmitry Gordon’s former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin said that he had contacted the Guinness Book of records.

We are talking about the amount that Ukraine allegedly was able to obtain from the United States, if Shokin fired. This was said at the meeting with the Ukrainian leadership at that time Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden.

“I’ll tell you a secret, I think, it is possible to publish: I went to the Guinness Book of records about it and say: recognize the record that the attorney General is $1 billion. the same is nowhere in the world have never been” – said Shokin.

He believes that it is this amount, “generally not worth it.”

According to the former attorney General from the Book he came up with the answer.

“We agree we want to do it. But you have to prove.” I said, “But how to prove? $1 billion got.” In the month of June, after I left, signed. It has got 1 billion in fact. Where he went, I don’t know. But received. “Is this a record?” – “Well, Yes.” And disappeared. I think there is also the Biden effect. Although the actual record,” explained Volkov.

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The Prosecutor General Shokin graduated from 10 Feb 2015 to 3 APR 2016.

Shokin claims that Biden was trying to “minimize” the investigation of criminal proceedings on the facts of illegal activities of persons associated with the Ukrainian company Burisma, associated with his son.

In January 2018, Biden said that in exchange for loan guarantees from the US $1 billion he demanded President and Prime Minister of Ukraine to dismiss the Prosecutor General Shokina. “And that son of a bitch was fired, in his place put someone in the time trusted,” said former Vice-President of the United States. Shokin said that Biden’s statement once again confirmed that his dismissal was unlawful and is under external pressure on Ukraine’s leadership.

27 Feb lawyer Shokin Alexander Telesetsky reported that the State Bureau of investigation of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings on the possible pressure on Shokina on the part of Biden.


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