Papernaya and Aglic did not name the sex of the baby

Photo: olgasumska / Instagram

Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska reported in Instagram that her daughter, building a career in Russia the actress Antonina papernaya, gave birth to a second child.

“Congratulations, my dear! Now I’m a double grandmother! This is happiness! Love you!” she wrote and published photos of his daughter and son, Russian actor Vladimir Yaglych.

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Vitayu,moï RDN! @tonya_papernaya @yaglych * !Now I DVC Granny!TSE happiness!Love you! *

Publication from Olga Sumy (@olgasumska) 22 APR 2020 2:34 PDT

Daughter Sumy husband hinted in microblogs, which again became parents.

Aglic published in Instagram a screenshot of the cartoon “the lion King” – the image of the birth of the future king of the Lion.

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Publication of yaglych (@yaglych) 21 APR 2020 8:43 PDT

Papernaya shared in Instagram by the walk.

“Yesterday was a Sunny day!” – she wrote. In the comments to the post subscribers published congratulations on the addition to the family.

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Yesterday was a sunny day *

Publication from Tonya papernaya (@tonya_papernaya) APR 22, 2020 at 1:20 PDT

The baby’s gender is still unknown.

Antonina papernaya, the eldest daughter of Olga Sumskaya. On the second pregnancy Papernaya became known in January 2020. Have Papernaya and Yaglych have a daughter Eva who was born in 2017.