To improve their poor financial position and to raise additional funds, the London police decided to start selling products under the brand name of Scotland Yard.

Photo: Reuters

London police are hoping to follow the successful example of new York police Department, which produces Souvenirs for more than 15 years.

The funds should help to patch holes in the budget of Scotland Yard . According to calculations the mayor of London, the Metropolitan police need to find 418 million dollars until April 2021.

We are talking about the release of branded clothes, toys, Board games, stationery, household goods and tourist Souvenirs. At the same time in the Metropolitan police emphasize that they do not intend to produce clothing similar to the form of the London police. It also noted that despite the fact that the goods will be released for other firms, the last word in terms of product design, will always be for Scotland Yard.

Products from the London police will be on the shelves of stores after Scotland Yard finally decided on the logo. The Metropolitan police has signed a contract with well-known branding Agency, company The Point.1888, which worked with Tate galleries in London.

Managing Director of the Agency will Stewart said: “I grew up in London. I’m honored to help raise money for the police of my hometown”. According to him, the brands of the Metropolitan police service of London (Metropolitan Police Service) and the Scotland Yard have a high degree of recognition, and hence a lot of potential sales.

While the idea has also opponents. Chairman of the Federation of the Metropolitan police Ken Marsh said the initiative is absurd. According to him, people are unlikely to want to wear clothes with the inscription “Scotland Yard”.

Service of the Metropolitan transportation recently launched a similar project with the brand Adidas. They created the sneakers with the logo of the London underground and the scheme is one of the branches of the London underground.

In the commercial Department of the metro said that the project has brought significant funds that will go to upgrading transport systems.