The Parliament of Armenia on Thursday, November 1, repeatedly has rejected the candidacy of Nikol Pashinian to the post of Prime Minister. Other candidates have been nominated. This means that the Parliament will dissolve and the country will hold early elections.

Nikol Pashinyan. Photo: Reuters

The Parliament of Armenia in accordance with the requirement of the Constitution is not re-endorsed candidate Nikol Pashinian, the post of Prime Minister, reports

For and against candidates in addition to none, with 13 abstentions. After the vote, Pashinyan wrote in Facebook: “the Armenian Parliament dissolved by force of law. Congratulations.”

16 Oct Pashinyan resigned. This decision he took to dissolve Parliament and hold parliamentary elections in December. According to the Constitution of the country after the resignation of the government within two weeks to be chosen a new Prime Minister. It is given two attempts . If the Prime Minister is still not elected, Parliament will dissolve and appoint extraordinary elections. The majority of the deputies of the Armenian Parliament agreed with the idea of early elections and promised not to put forward candidates for the post of Prime Minister.

In early October, the Armenian Parliament adopted a law that allows to block the dissolution of Parliament. This provoked a government crisis, since the law could prevent the holding of early elections. Pashinyan then expressed readiness to resign and brought people to the streets.