Developed a new method.

Scientists propose new classification of extraterrestrial civilizations according to their degree of integration with nature. Society, having reached a high level of development, saves energy and protects the environment, not Vice versa. RIA “Novosti” finds out, would in this case, brothers in mind, to get noticed.

The rejection power of the needle

In 1964, the Soviet astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev proposed to divide all civilization into three classes depending on how much energy they need, with all the energy of planets, stars or galaxies.

Freeman Dyson proposed the idea of artificial structures around a star that transforms its energy. To build a only very technologically advanced civilization. The Dyson sphere absorbs the radiation, heats up and itself radiates in the infrared range. Therefore, it can be detected in the Galaxy.

Although nearly sixty years in search of aliens in the framework of the project SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) yielded nothing, scientists do not give up. Over the past quarter century, astronomers discovered some four thousand planets in other star systems. Calculations show that some of them are located in the habitable zone of their stars where there are conditions for the development of life.

But what if progress does not depend on the amount of energy used? On this hint, and the history of mankind. The exhaustion of fossil fuel reserves forced to think about energy conservation, searches for alternative sources. In our eyes there was a real “green revolution”. Now we invent a technology that would not harm nature, I think how to heal the wounds of previous generations.

Earlier people has transformed itself under the planet, now they want to modify yourself to merge with it. For these reasons, scientists from Germany, Italy and Chile shared extraterrestrial civilizations according to their degree of integration with nature. Now we are on the first level, still actively transform nature. Next will be to transform yourself, including using genetic engineering. The higher the level of civilization merges with nature by converting dead matter in the Universe is reasonable.

In the model there are various transitional types of civilizations. The builders of the Dyson spheres and terraformable visible in space, because they spend a lot of energy and emit waste. IT galaxy (draining resources for computational research) is also possible to detect thermal radiation. But most merged with the nature of civilization invisible and biocivilization energy saving, therefore, is unlikely to find them unless they do not want and will not give signals.

Find me if you can

It is estimated that to identify biomarkers of primitive life is more likely than damage from a technologically advanced civilization. It inspires hope that the subsequent searches of exoplanets can bear fruit. Now we are looking for heat signatures, radio signals, artificial mega structure in space, but in a reasonable society can quietly exist near us in a neighboring star system. We will figure it out as indistinguishable from the environment.

Would an advanced extraterrestrial civilization to be found? If so, what did they take? Bin Zhang University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA) suggests that they are able to install the beacons, for example, artificial fast radio bursts (Fast Radio Bursts, or FRB).

It is a powerful periodic signals from a millisecond duration, coming from the depths of the Universe. Their origin is unknown. The author assumes that aliens will be sent to FRB in the galactic plane. So it is rather will notice the brothers in mind.

Fast radio bursts are more likely to notice than a narrow signal like the Arecibo message sent in 1974 towards the globular cluster M13. FRB does not require excessive of energy, they are easier to forge than, for example, gamma-ray bursts. When the radio interferometer SKA in Africa will be built, then these signals can be studied in more detail.

What are the chances to find something? Scientists from Nottingham University in the UK calculated that, if the development of such a communicative civilization, earth is a 4.5-5 billion years, the milky way should be about 36.