Man this kind of “music” to hear not.

Scientists in the study came to the conclusion that the atmosphere of the Earth has its own “sound”. This is due to the vibrations, reminiscent of the bells, concluded the employees of Hawaiian and Kyoto universities, writes

Man this kind of “music” to hear not, because it is represented as large-scale waves in the atmospheric pressure, wrapping across the Earth along the equator. Part of the waves performs a movement from East to West, the other — on the contrary, though each of them in the end forms a resonant vibration. First mention of this phenomenon emerged in the nineteenth century, since the theory was developed and perfected.

Researchers observed waves with periods from 2 to 33 hours, they do travel through the atmosphere at a rate not less than 1.1 thousand km/h. the result is the characteristic “checkerboard” pattern, having a relationship with the waves as they spread. Now the researchers plan to investigate what caused the origin of musical waves.