While the experience was on the fly-the Drosophila.

Researchers from Tokyo University have found a way to erase part of long-term memory to fly-Drosophila. Insect for a long time left in the dark to achieve the result, writes the magazine “the Knife”.

If the male flies Drosophila have not mated, it is fixed in its long-term memory as a traumatic memory. Over time, he simply ceases to care for females. But scientists found that if the male will spend in complete darkness for at least two days, the memory disappears and it behaves as before.

This is the first evidence that light plays a very important role in maintaining memory. Biologists were able to define the molecular process responsible for this effect — it is associated with protein, which is responsible for memory and learning.

Scientists say that their discovery in future may become the basis for methods of treatment that can save people from traumatic memories. This can be done with the help of external factors, and not just medicines.