Weather in Ukraine in the next few days will deteriorate significantly – in the direction of the country is close cold atmospheric front.

This warned the national forecaster Natalia Didenko in the Telegram. In particular, tomorrow, April 14, in the Northern and Western regions of Ukraine, and also in Vinnytsia region the temperature will fall sharply to +4..+ 9 degrees.

In the East, the South and in most of the Central areas will take a bit longer warm weather during the day will be +10..+17 degrees. But in the evening already colder in the Cherkasy region.

The decrease in air temperature of 15 April will cover all of Ukraine.

Natalia Didenko Telegram

In addition, a cold atmospheric front will bring rain and, due to a significant cold snap with wet snow.

“Front to move during the day from West to East of Ukraine, and the Eastern region, he still will not have time to capture, there – no precipitation. Wind South, South-West changes to North-Western, gusty,” said the forecaster.

Weather forecast for Ukraine

In Kiev, 14 April sharp cold snap is expected, the air temperature drops to +5..+7 degrees, in the rain, there is a possibility of wet snow. The wind in the capital tomorrow will change to Northwest, the short night, he will still be strong tomorrow in the daytime will subside, and on April 15 once again clear up.

On the night of 15 possible freeze of 1-3 degrees, the day the cold weather still held.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, forecasters had predicted changeable weather in the summer of 2020 in Ukraine are expected rainfall, hail and fluctuating temperatures.

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