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Thanks to the discovery, astronomers will be able to better understand the evolution of the satellite.

A team of astronomers from different countries have conducted a number of studies to determine the true cause of the asymmetry of the moon. Experts explained that the irregularities of the planet are the result of the content of radioactive elements, writes

It is known that people can only see one side of the moon from the Earth, namely, the near. The fact that the far never to the planet. It is noteworthy that a century ago it was believed that the side of the satellite is symmetrical, however, due to space probes have found out that they are not the same. For example, the first observed 31% light and dark spots, which are called craters, and on the second only 1% of the entire surface. Until that time, the reason for the asymmetry was unsolved. Now, new research with analysis of soil samples of the moon helped it out.

As reported by the study’s lead author in one of his interviews, “dark spots” due to their geological composition, which in turn is associated with the phenomenon of volcanism.

A team of astronomers have proved that the moon had previously been highly active volcanic activity. In places with large concentrations of radioactive elements and formed the craters. This discovery is considered a breakthrough in science. Thanks to him, scientists will be able to better understand the evolution of the satellite.