The new material is suitable for the creation of interior items, toys and other products.

Spanish architect Josean Vilar and Brazilian designer Silvana of Kalasin developed in Barcelona biomaterial from olive pits, which recalls plastic, according to the site

Unlike ordinary plastic, it will decompose naturally after his term of service, and when heated, does not emit harmful substances.

To create it using olive pits – waste of olive oil production, which in Spain do as in large factories and small home installations. The new material is well suited for the creation of interior items, toys and other products that need to serve at room temperature.

“Olive” bioplastics came to light thanks to the open FabLab research centre, created in Barcelona with the support of the European Union. Innovators can make a prototype of his invention and to test the viability of their ideas.

This is not the first project in the world of creating bioplastics from olive pits: a similar product in the past year in Turkey. But Barcelona, the inventors add to the fragmented bones are three secret ingredients that make the material more pliable and non-toxic. As a result it can melt in the pan, and then give the plastic a new form.

The creation of more environmentally friendly types of plastic is part of the European strategy for the protection of the environment from plastic pollution. By 2030, Europe must be processed at least 50% of the total plastic.