Photo: still from YouTube Samsung mocked iPhone X: video

In the Network appeared the new video by Samsung, in which they are satirically expressed about the work of the staff and Apple gadgets.

In the new ad for the Korean company compared the download speeds of the iPhone X and Galaxy S9. According to the video, the first was worse.

Also in the video made fun of the Apple Store employees because they are unable to answer visitors ‘ questions.

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The story of the movie is that in the store comes a girl and asks the consultant, is it true the iPhone X the fastest download speed. The guy answered the question, compare flagship with iPhone 8. Then the girl asked to compare the Apple product with the Galaxy S9 and the consultant couldn’t answer.

The reason for the creation of the video was the press release by Samsung, in which it was said that the speed of the LTE connection in their new 42% higher than other gadgets on the market.

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