Photo: a frame from the video, the Bear climbed into the pool in a private house: video

In California, wild bear snuck into the backyard of the cottage and took a swim in the private pool.

The inhabitants of one of houses in California (USA) took video of an unexpected guest. In the yard through the fence climbed a wild bear. The bear tried to escape the heat and re sewed to swim in the pool.

The animal was pacing a little in the yard, rested on the steps in the water and left. Residents noticed the bear and were able to withdraw to a safe distance.

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Yesterday in the house of the American woman in the house made Puma and fell asleep in the living room.

Residents raised in the air the quadrocopter and directed guest in the video. According to witnesses, after some time, the bear peacefully retreated as I came over the fence.

It is not excluded that the animal remember the street and can come into the pool in the future.

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