Photo: LEGO has created an auto bond: pictures, videos

Designer, designers released a model Aston Matin DB5. On this car drove James bond in one of the films.

Lego has created an exact copy of a car from James Bond. Created in the form designer of the Aston Matin DB5, featured in the film Goldfinger, 1956. It went on it the main character – James bond.

Set with sports car arrived in the free sale with a price of 146 euros. The constructor is very complicated to install.

Recently, the Network appeared the first trailer of the animation of LEGO. Movie 2

The size of the cars 10 by 34 cm, it’s scale 1:8 with this Aston Matin.

Set 1290 bricks and parts. He refers to a series of Lego Technic, which indicates a high level of complexity for the designer.

Also, the model car is equipped with radar, revolving license plates, two machine guns and armor from the bullets.

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