The world Cup will conclude in Russia on 15 July

Photo: EPA

Russian authorities are considering the world Cup as a kind of battle. Such opinion on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow” was expressed by Russian writer Yulia Latynina, commenting on the tweet of the Governor of Lipetsk region Oleg Korolev.

The report said that the failure of the reigning world Champions was not accidental: “Germany started two world wars, and the souls they had killed tens of millions of victims avenged, and will avenge them.”

According to Latynina, this tweet “perfectly” describes “the bestial seriousness with which the government relates to football or any sport.”

“The whole world thinks it’s football. These Argentinian fans who go Nikolskaya and drink beer, I think that they came to football. But for us it is the third world war, and win it helps the spirits of ancestors,” – said the journalist.

She believes it is positive that for the Kremlin, every sporting event is the battle.

“That’s good, because while the Kremlin can win a small victorious war from the comfort of your sofa with a beer in front of the TV, where they play football, he will do without next of Donbass” – said Latynina.

The world Cup takes place in 11 Russian cities. The final match will take place on 15 July.