Voronchenko suggests that the restored helicopter “will be on the wing” in two weeks

Photo: AP Ukraine’s Navy / Facebook

For victory over the enemy in the war, which is Ukraine, important efforts both military and civilian. In an interview with “Radio Liberty” said the commander of the naval forces (naval forces) of Ukraine Ihor Voronchenko.

He was commenting on the transfer stationed in the Nikolaev area of the brigade of naval aviation, the Navy repaired in the Lviv region of the Ka-226.

“Those who say: “Oh, it’s the helicopter for civilian purposes”, let me remind you: the country goes to war, victory must work the entire state, both military and civil,” – said Voronchenko.

The commander of the Navy said that the helicopter Ka-226 is a universal.

“He can work at sea, to sit on the deck of the ship, used for search-and-rescue operations to evacuate the wounded in the area of operations of the joint forces. Now carry out maintenance work, expect that within two weeks he would “stand on the wing,” – said Voronchenko.