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“Another week of quarantine, and the mask will be too small”. Jokes about weight gain to quarantine is an integral part of the pandemic coronavirus. But not all only added extra pounds, exercise continue.

The who recommends spending at least 150 minutes a week of aerobic exercise of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of high load intensity. It would seem that in terms of mask mode, social distance and restriction of movement to achieve such performance it is hard, says Valery Litvinski in No. 6-7 of the Journal Correspondent. But even in an enclosed space can do sports. Proven almost three months of quarantine. And even necessary. Because a less active lifestyle leads to reduced immunity and resistance to viruses, and therefore to a higher risk of becoming infected.


Like everything in the world, at the time of a pandemic, the sport has moved online. Fitness clubs spread recording group sessions and arrange training for the video, instructors work with clients remotely, professional athletes share their social media programmes. Here and challenges, and motivating videos, and even online competitions. A separate peace is a diverse training mobile app, which the course will be and calorie count, and music under the difficulty of the drill will pick up.

“Answer questions about the desired load, on the task — want to increase endurance or to get rid of stress, prescribe what you have sports equipment or you do nothing and the program generates you exercises. After each workout, make a review, it was hard, or Vice versa, easily. And the program begins for you to adjust classes. As a virtual coach that,” describes in conversation with the Correspondent training using one of the applications from Kiev Anastasia Vashchenko.

Sports apps can even allow Amateurs to feel like a real professional athlete. For example, in Cycling. With the introduction of quarantine restrictions most cyclists off the streets moved back home to elastance. “This is a special device. The front wheel is not moving, the rear is fixed, slightly rises underneath the video. Get on your bike to pedal in one place”, — says the Correspondent Cycling coach Elena Pavlukhina.

Elastance through applications transmit information to online, you can even so participate in the competition. “People can go at the same time with different athletes from different countries, with the world champion on a track. It’s inspiring,” says the cyclist.

And she notes that training in quarantine mode, increase the responsibility and awareness of sportsmen-Amateurs. “It is not just to go on the fun ride, now every athlete knows what a workout that is directed, was given a detailed job with all the explanations, and the athlete himself watched the execution of the task,” explains Pavlushina.


Yes and no special application at home, you can find ways to workout. Even in a sport like swimming. Until all the pools are closed, hone technique will help to practice with elastic band or an expander. Swimmers have even developed special training system for simulation of the stroke. No one has canceled and legs workout that you can do on land, and various streamers.

Without leaving home you can train with the harness and strokes in tennis. Although, for example, in Kyiv tennis courts in quarantine closed immediately. “In March, before they began serious limitations, we still played. Without a coach, really, but you can come. And then, when on the adjacent courts the neighbors complain to the police and they were fined on 17 thousand UAH, was closed and our” — says Vashchenko. Tennis player-the lover says that over blows even worked at home with gymnastic stick, so as not to lose shape. A worldwide viral video was from Italy, where the two girls played tennis on the roofs of neighboring houses, and the road played the role of the grid. In Ukraine, however, this will not come down.


But Jogging is not practically stayed all over the world. Yes, after closing in Ukraine parks and forests to engage in problematic, but people still came out to run. Jogging clubs cancelled group races, but functional training conducted online, via Facebook or Zoom. While going outside is not necessary. There are also treadmills-exercise machines.

Never ceased to quarantine the running to perform its social function. In France, the man ran the marathon on the balcony in support of physicians.

In Ukraine Tatiana Grineva, who has long been involved in running a charity, staged a marathon around your own home. “I live in a private house near Kiev. The distance around it is 80 meters. So, inspired by foreign examples, I decided to run a marathon around the house live and to collect money to help the doctors,” explains Grineva motivated Correspondent.

Said that it was very hard: “This was my 21st marathon and the most difficult in my life. You can’t accelerate absolutely, continuously turn, rubbed this foot. Due to the fact that you can’t accelerate, long run, and it’s terribly annoying. There is no team dynamics, no one next to you is not running.” “All eyes on you, it is psychologically very difficult, this is a really stress,” — says the athlete, their home of 42 kilometres. But thanks to this marathon managed to collect 80 thousand UAH and buy them for about 160 suits of protection for Ukrainian doctors, fighting the coronavirus.

If not try to show some result in very limited conditions, as in the case of a charity run home run in General reduces stress levels and hormone production of dopamine and serotonin which help us feel happy. In terms of coronaries this is especially useful.


The most difficult in terms of quarantine had participants in team sports. Gathering in groups is forbidden, there are only personal training on functional training and technique. “Not yet invented a machine that can replace the command, and then practical work on tactics and leveling skills really was not. Quarantine has restricted our practice only by maintaining physical fitness. Member of national team of Ukraine on athletics has developed a work plan in stand-alone mode”, — shares with the Correspondent of his experiences Evgeny Mochalov, a member of the Amateur team ultimate — American team games with a flying disc known as a Frisbee.

According to him, after the quarantine, the team will come to the pitch with strong legs and toned abs, but sagging elements of the game. And such a fate awaits the representatives of all without exception team types.

But quarantine is a time to discover new types of physical activity, which then can help in your favorite sport.

“I began practicing yoga, systematically, every day. I was very inspired and disciplined. The quarantine, we gave everyone the opportunity to slow down, I think yoga is a very relevant lesson in those conditions in which we are now. This method of meditation, a way to talk with them, to dive in himself,” said Grineva.

So the sport in quarantine has not been canceled. Not all of the food jokes.


And now the most interesting: the Cabinet allowed from may 22 sport event involving up to 50 people, but without spectators. It really opens the way for the launch of gyms and fitness centers. Of course, with extreme prejudice — social distance, disinfection measures.

Does this mean that games begin and workout and play sports? What about contact martial arts? Probably, Yes, but also with caution — in the next few days to see recommendations to them at the time of delivery rooms in print was not.

Anyway, we will gradually move into a new reality, but the opportunities to play sports and cheer for your favorite athletes will return.