New US sanctions would drive a wedge between the Russian President and his entourage

Photo: AFP

In the near future in Washington should be made the decision, the names of any of the Russians to bring in new sanctions list. That is why many friends of Putin are now trying to distantsirovaniya from him, but it won’t save them from the sanctions. This writes the expert Eduard Steiner on the pages of Die Welt.

“The bosses of big Russian companies are afraid of the US administration as the devil incense. No wonder: until the end of January, the White house must provide the Senate a report on the new sanctions list,” – says the expert.

That is the new legal and physical persons subjected to sanctions because of the special proximity to the Russian leadership. Russian media have already dubbed the new list of “Kremlin report”.

Along with the ban on entry into US (those who made the list) may be banned from doing business with American companies, as well as the freezing of assets – primarily in the presence of suspicions of corruption or money laundering.

“While this game of poker between Moscow and Washington is still not finished – the parties have not made a final decision how severe should be the penalties and, accordingly, countermeasures. But less is known about the fatal list, the more it creates rumors,” – said Steiner.

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow with comments not in a hurry. Prior to this, the Financial Times reported that Russian opposition allegedly sent to Washington their recommendations for 200 persons, which should be included in the list.

“He who enters the inner circle of the Russian President, has no illusions that you will not find his name in the list. These people are already under sanctions in connection with what are considered “an extension of the hand of the Kremlin”, are responsible for the geopolitical strategy of the country and do business, protecting the interests of the regime,” writes the author.